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The Fab 24

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by admin 2 Comments

Hear the original versions of all 24 of the cover songs that The Beatles recorded!

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  1. Blaine63 says:

    Thanks for this collection, Dan (and Mike!). As a lifelong Beatles fan I developed an early desire to delve into the original source material that influenced all of my favorite artists. The Beatles were always enthusiastic “town criers” of the music that influenced and shaped them as musicians and as a group. John spinning his personal 45s on the radio and Paul recording several albums of “50s” rock attest to that. I learned from them that rock doesn’t (and never will) begin and end with your particular favorite group. (As an aside: Joe Strummer and the Clash-one of my favorite groups after the Beatles-spun the past to try to erase knowledge of their influences. They tried to pretend that the “new” music began and ended with their movement. But then again…trying to be the only band that matters by playing raw, politically based musical screeds have no place mixing with the likes of Mott The Hoople…one of Mick’s favorite bands, right?)

    I have some of the original songs you featured on your podcast but not all. I’ve heard them all but never had the energy or time to go out and actually collect every single one of these versions for myself. Thanks for doing this.

    One last note: A slight, silly quibble. I’d have preferred that when you showcased the Beatles’ versions you had used the mono rather than some of those extreme left/right early 60s “stereo” versions. First the mono is waaaay punchier. Second…even with my early Beatles American releases as a kid (born 1963) I never liked vocals panned to one side or another unless there was an obvious artistic intent. But this complaint in no way means anything important as I really enjoyed your work.

    Thanks again!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for listening and for your comments, I appreciate it!

      That’s a great point about the mono mixes. If I had it to do again I would definitely do that.

      I used the 09/09/09 stereo remasters for everything just to keep it simple. But I agree that the earlier songs would’ve been better served in mono.

      Thanks again!


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