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Robin Trower

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by admin 15 Comments


The iconic guitarist talks about fresh takes on old songs, the benefits of the trio & valuing emotion over technique.

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15 Responses

  1. larry says:

    good stuff dan. keep up the good work. next time i think you should hit him with the tough questions.. like if he uses a rubber ducky in the bathtub or not !!

  2. David Williams says:

    I’ve played Guitar most of my life. RT is one of the best if not the best. Watch some of the videos like “Sweet Angel” with a three piece and listen to that sound. Other than perhaps the Rev Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top who can do that? I’ll tell you.. Nobody. Let me know when you get back to the Birchmere and hopefully I’ll be in town. Missed it twice.

  3. sydman says:

    I stumbled on your website by pure coincidence but was gripped by your Robin Trower interview and the music you played. In the 1970’s (I am now over 60 y/o) I saw Robin Trower play live at the King’s Head in Fulham Road, London. (The King’s head is a pub).
    It was a remarkable experience and I remember it to this day. Robin is a much under rated musician.

  4. Buster Huckaby says:

    I’m not a musician,but saw many of the great bands of late 60’s and 70’s….saw Robin 3 times,photographed him once in Atlanta.Ga. during Bridge of Sighs tour,one of the best shows,and displays of playin’ of a guitar ever,still the best…..great interview,and will listen to more as you go on,this was my 1st listen to you,thanks for the insight,and respect you gave one who really deserved it ……

  5. Bjørn-Peder says:

    Thanks for a brilliant radio show! Got to see Robin Trower on the Seven Moons tour in Norway. This time I will for sure travel to UK and try to see as many shows as possible!!

  6. Chris says:

    Robin Trower is one ofthe greats

  7. Kevin johnson says:

    Saw robin in kc 10-5-14 and Indianapolis 10-11-14. Most underrated guitarist of all time….the man should be in the hall of fame….

  8. Rick Henry says:

    Robin Trower – a heart full of soul;a strat full of blues! A follow up interview,and more of Robin’s brilliant music please Dan!

  9. glen says:

    have followed RT since 1970. Great music! Keep rocking

  10. Dave says:

    Well done Dan. You handled the interview with the proper respect that a player like Robin deserves. I am a huge fan of Trower. Every time he comes to the Los Angles I see everyone of his shows. I have seen him dozens of times over the years and he never fails to amaze me. Thanks..and yes I have the movie Good Humor Man…LOL. Peace.Dave

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your kind feedback, Dave!

      You sound like a first class fan.

      Trower basically taught me how guitar should be played.

      So, respect always!


  11. ron wilson says:

    I have just recently got involved with pod cast. love em. and now one of my heros RT i’m listening now and so far i’m really of thegreatest without a doubt. still putting out worthy music.he is an original for sure.

    • admin says:

      Hey Ron,

      I’m glad you found the show and even more glad that you enjoyed it!

      Thanks very much for your feedback – I truly appreciate it!


  12. D Brookman says:

    Robin was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix who remains the king pin in heavy rock guitar. Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughen and Robin were along with Stevie Vie are all influenced by JH.